Vibrant and Resilient Communities Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health Awareness and Resilience and Wellbeing Education

Because the mental health crisis affects everyone, District 7600 is Creating Hope by providing mental health resources and resilience education to Rotarians, families, and communities in District 7600.

As Rotarians, we seek to empower our communities and contribute to an environment where everyone has what they need to live full and happy lives. There is a mental health crisis, and it can feel overwhelming to know how to respond and build resilience within ourselves, and support our communities in doing the same. We are collaborating with the Foundation for Family and Community Healing to address this by building our own personal awareness and learning how to share this with others.

Rudy Garcia

District Governor 2023-2024, Rotary International District 7600

D7600’s Mental Health Task Force (MHTF) has compiled a list and calendar of mental health resources and resilience education that span the spectrum of mental health: from flourishing to mental illness. You can participate as an individual or club and choose from a variety of activities ranging from low to high levels of engagement.

You and/or your club have the opportunity to scale up resilience education for youth and adults in the community with the Task Force’s partner, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing (FFCH;

To get started, review the below presentation that describes the MHTF initiative’s recommended program and activities, including DIY strategies and/or partnership opportunities with FFCH. Suggested activities will also be summarized in the newsletter each month.


  • Get introduced to the District’s Mental Health Initiative by viewing the presentation on this page which contains the hyperlinks for more resources.
  • Suggested activities table and calendar for building mental health resilience skills for you, your club, and your community.
      • Activities include individual learning opportunities, weekly small group learning circles, facilitation training, and more!
  • Resilience skills partnership opportunities – Help bring resilience skill education to your club, the district, and the wider community through working with organizations in your community or through partnership and/or collaboration with the Foundation for Family and Community Healing.
      • Western Henrico Rotary Club members and friends, click HERE.
  • Learn more at the MHTF information session dates. Registration links are below and in the DACdb calendar.
      • Friday, October 6 at noon (Register HERE)
      • Thursday, October 26 at noon (Register HERE)
  • Questions about this initiative? Contact Rotarian Dr. Susanna Calvert, PhD HERE.